St. Joseph’s Workers!

Our Holy Trinity Youth Ministries (HTYM) high schoolers are taking the first steps to create another student-created, student-run youth ministry, one that will focus on serving others here at home throughout the year – St. Joseph’s Workers! The initial vision for the ministry will have planning meetings once a month, in advance of a service day or evening later that week.

High schoolers, you’re all very welcomed to join us! Adults, we need you, too… and while handy people will have a special role in this ministry, those less handy, perhaps well-organized, and certainly adults with a heart for service are very welcomed to check this out and help us form the new ministry.

We definitely feel as though the new ministry’s patron was inspiring the teens that’ve been leading the charge so far. The idea for this new ministry was proposed and approved in the fall. And then, shortly after, our Holy Father declared a worldwide “Year of St. Joseph”! We are very excited for this special way to honor St. Joseph by serving, as he did, by listening to and following our Lord’s call with great love. We look forward to serving with you, too!

Our next meeting is this coming Sunday, January 24, after Ignite ends. We’ll meet from 8:15-9:00 pm, and we can meet near the basement doors on the pond side of the building. We hope to see you there! (and, even if you cannot make it, we hope to see you soon!)

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact Johnny, Luke, Maddy, and Paul at:

Upcoming HTYM events & meetings!

We just wanted to quickly get the word out a bit wider about a couple of big upcoming events.

Also, Mondays have three monthly ministries for high schoolers, each meet once a month. This week is St. Gianna’s Life Defenders’ monthly meeting (they meet 2nd Mondays); this is our parish’s pro-life high school ministry. Also, St. Thomas’s Youth Apologists apologetics ministry meets on 4th Mondays (next on November 23), and Gamemasters board-gaming ministry meets on 1st Mondays (next on December 7). Currently, all of our meetings are being held on the pond side of the building, near the basement doors.

— Turkey Cup sign-up!

All high schoolers are welcomed to come by and join us at any of these meetings, any month. We hope that you’ll consider coming by!

We are in need of great adult volunteers for these (and other) ministries, too, so please contact Paul if you’d like to learn more.

To hear more about these or any of the other Holy Trinity Youth Ministries (HTYM), please email Paul: