Bethlehem Walk at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Gainesville, VA

Please mark your calendars to come and enjoy our annual Bethlehem Walk scheduled for Tuesday, December 21st and Wednesday, December 22nd from
5 – 8pm each night. We will be back inside this year!

We need lots of helping hands to pull together this amazing parish gift to our community.  We are in need of families who will dress up in costumes and be our villagers, as well as people who are willing to greet our guests and they arrive.  There is a lot of preparation to do to transform our hallways into the little town of Bethlehem.  We are most in need of babies.  If you have had a baby since August 15th and would consider joining us as the Holy Family, we would be most appreciative.  Please stop in Our Lady’s Hal after Mass today and tomorrow to learn more about how to get involved in the blessed parish event