Fr. Carr

Some of you may have known that Fr. Carr was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. Yesterday, Father Carr went to the hospital and is being tested for COVID-19.  We have no results yet. Please keep him in your prayers. Father Carr was practicing social distancing. His engagement with parishioners has mostly been hearing confessions – almost exclusively outside – and maintaining the prescribed distance of six feet from other persons.  If you have interacted with Father Carr in the last week, we recommend getting tested if your care provider is offering testing.  We will update you as soon as we have additional information. Please pray, asking Our Lord through Our Lady for Fr. Carr’s complete and timely recovery. Fr. Carr has said he appreciates the prayers.

God bless


Important Adoration Update

Adoration will continue 24 hours per day in the main church, however Bishop Burbidge has asked us to take some additional steps.

Beginning at midnight tonight you must sign up for an hour in advance of the time you would like to attend, because there may never be more than 10 people in the church at ANY given time.

To help ensure that we are at or under the limit, please sit in the main center sections of the church so you are visible to anyone walking in.

Thank you for your love of our Lord, for your understanding, and for doing everything you can to follow these temporary rules so that we can maintain this beautiful devotion!

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, miserere nobis!

HTYM Digital Gatherings!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to reach-out to quickly say hello from Holy Trinity Youth Ministries (HTYM)…click on “continue reading” for our entire schedule for the upcoming week, at a glance, starting tonight (Sunday) at 8:00 pm!

If you’d like more details for tonight, email Paul… and keep checking back here for more throughout the week!

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Dear HT Parishioners,

God is good, all the time.

When I was assigned at a previous parish, I lived with an African priest from Uganda who used to say the above phrase a good amount. It is true!

Our Lord is the all merciful, all loving God. The Father Who loves each of us as a son or daughter. The Son Who Died on a Cross for each of us, such is our great dignity. The Holy Spirit Who continually grants us His grace and strength in good times and in bad. This is our God.

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