Public Masses Begin on Pentecost Weekend

March 16, 2020 will be a date notched in my brain for a long time – some of you who know how forgetful I am may question that statement!  It was the last time we had public Masses in our church.  Thankfully, we will again have public Masses at Holy Trinity.  May we never be without THE GREATEST ACTION in history again!

Beginning this Friday, May 29, 2020 we will offer public Masses.  We will go back to our former schedule for weekdays (9:00 and 12:00) and weekends.  (The one exception will be a 6:30am Sunday Mass instead of 7:00am.  This change will allow for cleaning the church between Masses.)

Please know the Bishop still extends the dispensation from Sunday obligation at Mass for all Catholics in our diocese.  Also, if we are feeling sick, have a fever, sore throat and/or cough, we are strongly encouraged not to come to Mass or the church.

We may only enter through the main front doors.  Ushers will need to seat people.  Please be patient as you enter the church.

Non-family members should maintain six feet distance from each other upon entering, in pews and upon exiting the church.  Every other pew will be kept empty.

Holy Communion will be similar yet different than a normal Sunday Mass.  In short, each section will receive at a time; only one line to/from Holy Communion.  When a section is finished, the next section will approach the priest for Holy Communion.  Our goal is that people do not cross paths walking to/from Holy Communion.  Again, please be patient and follow the guidance of our ushers.  It will take time – good opportunity for recollected prayer!

Only priests will distribute Holy Communion.  Recall that we will have 91% rubbing alcohol to purify our fingers during Holy Communion.

Realistically, we are looking at about 300 people or so who will be in the church at a time.  I could be overestimating or underestimating.  It is first come, first serve.

We will also be able to use the hall for some overflow.

For those who are unable to make it to Mass for whatever reason, we will offer Holy Communion Outside of Mass at 3pm on Sunday, May 31st.  This ritual will be offered outside the doors of the Adoration Chapel.  Each car drives up; communicants step out and walk to Father who will administer Holy Communion.  After receiving, please spend some time in silent adoration.

Finally, we will need help cleaning the church and bathrooms after every Mass.  We have set up a SignUpGenius that will be accessible via our parish blog: – some may be there already!  We will need ten (10) families after each Mass on Saturday and Sunday.  All cleaning supplies will be provided.  Would you consider spending fifteen minutes after Mass to clean Our Lord’s house?  Specifics will be provided.

Adoration will continue, please check the Schedule Page for information.

Thank you again to all of you who have helped, and continue to do so in the parish.  It has been humbling once again.

God bless


Sunday: Holy Communion Outside of Mass

Thank you again to everyone who waited patiently to receive Jesus in Holy Communion last Sunday! It was a true testament to our Faith and very humbling for the priest.

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 24, we will have Holy Communion Outside of Mass two times: after our 9:00am Ordinary Form live streamed Mass – probably around 10:00am; and, after our 11:30am Extraordinary Form live streamed Mass – probably around 12:30pm.

We will have two (2) stations for Holy Communion tomorrow: outside the chapel entrance – same as last week – and one in front of the church under the main arch.

Please follow the guidance of our parking lot ‘ushers’ so that Holy Communion can be received reverently and safely – never thought I’d need to say ‘safely’! The lead-foot drivers should probably not be at the wheel in the parking lot tomorrow!!

All good? Now, on to read a little more about St. John Paul’s 1979 Pentecost visit to Poland. Wonder what the Holy Spirit has in mind for the world this Pentecost!

God bless


Divine Mercy Sunday Reflection and Schedule

We will live-stream the Divine Mercy Sunday Devotion as follows:

2pm – 3pm Drive by Adoration

3pm Bilingual Divine Mercy Chaplet (sung)

3:15 Benediction

You may be asking yourself, “What in the world is ‘Drive by Adoration?!'” Fancy you should ask. It is the alternative to having Exposition/Adoration in the church as we normally do on Divine Mercy Sunday. We will place Our Lord in the monstrance outside the church doors and underneath the center archway – as we do on Corpus Christi Sunday. Those who would like to make a ‘visit’ can drive by the front of the church slowly. The caveat is that no one can get out of the car.

At 3:00pm we will sing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. If you have access to Youtube it will be live streamed. At the conclusion of the Chaplet, we will have Benediction. If everyone remains in their cars we can have many more participate than just ten persons in the church.