Altar Boy Training

Altar Boys Families,
If you have sons who would like to serve in Ordinary Form masses (English/Spanish Masses), and have received their First Holy Communion, please fill out the following google form with the information requested if you have not done so already. You will only receive Ordinary Form Altar Boys updates as of now if you fill out this form.
Thank you for your care and patience as we get this ministry going again. God Bless.  

We will have two Altar Boy trainings:
Saturday, September 23 from 1-4pm – meet in room 201
Saturday, September 30 from 1-4pm – meet in room 201

Click HERE for the email registration

Click HERE for the Altar Boy training in the parish calendar

Before your boy comes to any of our training sessions, we recommend that your son reviews the altar boy training website first, paying particular attention to the following:
1) Serving Basics including qualifications, dress code, and rules
2) Propers and Gestures when serving 
3) Prayers that altar boys should know and others they may wish to pray
4) Serving at an Ordinary Form Sunday Mass 
The training website has additional pages and more information, including a helpful glossary and a video tour of the sacristy by Fr. Carr.