Parish-Wide Consecration to St. Joseph Novena – Day Nine (from 33 Days to Greater Glory)

St. Joseph, Who Died so Beautifully

Dear St. Joseph,

I know I’m going to die. When I do, I trust that you will be there to greet me with Jesus and Mary in a special way. Promise me this? I trust you. I believe that you will be there for me. For my part, I will try not to be afraid of my death, and I will live my life in preparation for it. I will maybe even look forward to it as the time I will get to meet you face to face. Prepare me for my death, whenever it may be. If it is sudden, please make sure I will not be lost! Dear St. Joseph, obtain this grace for me as I consecrate myself to your fatherly care, tomorrow, I am fully yours. Probably some day after that, I will die, and I give you permission to take me home to my Father’s house when that day comes.

St. Joseph, Who Died so Beautifully,
please prepare my soul for death.

Prayer of Consecration:

On this day, before God and your Immaculate spouse Mary, I ________ choose you as my spiritual father forever. I formally entrust myself to your fatherly care. I love you, and I trust in your prayers for my life. As your spiritual child, I give you fill permission (in fact I’m begging you) to please act in my life, especially by:

  • Praying for me constantly in a special way
  • Bringing me even deeper into the hearts of Jesus and Mary,
  • Providing for me and all my loved ones
  • Guarding me and protecting me from bodily and spiritual evil
  • Guiding me to always do God’s most perfect will
  • Helping me to suffer with love and without complaint
  • Giving me purity of body and of soul
  • Forming me into a person of peace and joy
  • Preparing me for a beautiful and happy death

From this day forward, St. Joseph, you are my spiritual father, and I am your child. I trust you and love you, and I look forward to meeting you one day in Heaven. I ask this in Jesus’ name and for the glory of God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.