40 Hours Devotion at Holy Trinity

40 Hours Devotion with Exposition will take place in the main church, from 7pm on Sunday until 8pm on Tuesday.  During Masses, Exposition and Adoration will be in the Chapel.    

 Sunday, November 21st: 7PM:
7:00 PM Devotions and Benediction

 Monday, November 22nd:
7:00 PM Devotions and Benediction as above

 Tuesday, November 23rd:
7:00 PM Solemn Closing of the Forty Hours with Eucharistic Procession.

 Father Duesterhaus will speak each evening at 7pm on
The Eucharist as Thanksgiving

What is the 40 Hours Devotion?

The 40 Hours Adoration is an opportunity to gather as a community before the Blessed Sacrament and to pray before the Lord in solemn adoration. It us time to deepen our appreciation on the importance of the mystery of the Eucharist in our lives. Its exact origin is unknown, it it is first known to be promoted in 1530 in Milan, Italy by St Philip Neri and St. Anthony Zaccaria. The devotion was instituted throughout the world, and eventually introduced to the US by St. John Neumann, the Bishop of Philadelphia, in 1853 and spread throughout the country.

Why the number 40?

The number 40 has historically signified a sacred period of time: the rain during the time of Moses lasted 40 days and nights; the Jews wandered in the desert for 40 years before reaching the Promised Land; Jesus fasted and prayed for 40 days before beginning his public misnistry; we observe Lent for 40 days; we also remember that traditional ’40 hour period’ from our Lord’s burial until his resurrection.

Wat a beautiful way to prepare for Thanksgiving and the New Liturgical Year!