ITM presents…Annie, Jr!

Our parish’s second annual Summer Musical Theater Camp week is wrapping-up today, concluding preparations for an awesome weekend of performances for all of you, your families, and friends!

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Summer Musical Theater Camp 2020 presents…Annie Jr!

There will be four opportunities to tune-in to four live-streamed shows this weekend, at the following times:

Saturday, August 1: 1:00 pm
Saturday, August 1: 3:30 pm
Sunday, August 2: 3:00 pm
Sunday, August 2: 6:30 pm – Last Call! Final Show!

Please hop online to support our young people with your presence and prayers, we hope that you enjoy the show! You can also visit our YouTube channel, subscribe, and turn-on notifications to be quickly in-the-loop as links are posted:

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And, if possible, since we cannot sell tickets this year, we will also be providing a way to support the production with an online donation. This will cover the costs of the production, and any additional funds will support the high school Steubenville Conferences weekend-long retreat in 2021!

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