Homily for Easter Sunday Mass (OF 4/4/21)

“..What’s new about the New Covenant is us, not God. God doesn’t change. What’s revealed in Christ, in His Cross, in His Resurrection is what St. Paul says is the plan of God, which is laying hidden from the beginning of the world… Jesus is the revelation of the Father, if we don’t understand that, we have a very, very compromised, stupid faith….”

Gospel: John 20:1-9

Homily for Easter Vigil (OF 04/03/21)

“….And our new Catholics in a few minutes here that will be baptized, confirmed in the Faith and received into the Church, we pray for you, that you may be shining lights, that you don’t put a bush or basket over your light but your peace and joy shines before men, as Our Lord says …”

Gospel: Mark 16:1-7

Homily for Our Lord’s Supper Mass (OF 4/1/21)

“..As I often ask the second graders getting ready for First Holy Communion, why do we believe in the Eucharist? What I want to hear them say is ‘because Jesus said so!’ that’s it, not the Church, because Jesus said so. Jesus is Lord, He is the one that makes the sacraments, not the Church, the Church receives them, and celebrates them….”

Gospel: John 13:1-15