Re-integration 2020

Dear Holy Trinity Parishioners!

Let us thank Our Lord through Our Lady for His many graces!

How is life going in the family? I am wondering about certain opportunities of grace between husbands and wives. For example, how many husbands, who are spending more hours at home than they previously did, are more appreciative of their wives’abilities around the house – especially when left home with the children?! Or, when asked, ‘Where are you going?’, wives aren’t so quick to complain that their husbands work outside the home?! Ah yes, the two shall become as one.

In light of our Governor’s announcement today, our Bishop has written an open letter to all Catholics of the Diocese of Arlington and a video on re-opening our parishes for public Masses to begin on May 15th. His letter and video can be found on the diocesan website:

The Bishop mentions the following:

Churches can operate at a maximum of 50% capacity – unless a local jurisdiction determines otherwise.

There will still be a need to provide for proper social distancing and regular cleaning at each parish.

The Bishop is working with a team to help plan for reintegration. He will have guidelines for us this coming week.

The Bishop also reminds the faithful that the dispensation for anyone who has any concern about attending Mass is still in effect.

Please continue to ask Our Lord through His Mother – in this month of Our Lady – for a further opening of the sacraments to our people; prudence for our Bishop and Governor; as well as mercy and healing for those suffering from COVID-19.

God bless