Consecration vs. Covid

Dear Holy Trinity Parishioners!

How are you? I hope your week has been one of close quarters, peace, joy, creativity, conversation and holiness!

You may be wondering at the title of this ‘note’. Yes, well, Our Lady always wins.

Friday, May 1st Archbishop Gomez, the President of our conference of Catholic Bishops will lead all Catholics, in union with our bishops, in a re-consecration of our country to Our Blessed Mother. (The Canadians will also be doing the same.) As the month of May is dedicated to Our Lady, this re-consecration is very appropriate in the midst of the coronavirus. Documents and livestream info are at Please join Catholics of America in making this consecration for Our Lady’s Protection from the coronavirus.

Our Lord desires that we ask, seek and knock. He also is pleased when we go to Him through His Mother. Let us not forget that Jesus performed His first miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana because His Mother asked Him! Let us implore Our Lady together in her month for a conversion of hearts and minds to Jesus and an end to this coronavirus!

Thank you very much for your prayers over the last two weeks. Fr. Carr has been given the ‘thumbs up’ from his doctor to resume his duties at the parish. You may recall last week’s blog post when I said Father Carr would have a two week quarantine. Actually, the rest of us in the rectory needed the two week quarantine – which ended today. For those who have COVID, the Center for Disease Control, gives the following guidance before public interaction:

  1. Free from fever for 72 hours – without medication
  2. Other symptoms have improved.
  3. 7 days have passed since beginning of symptoms.

Fr. Carr has hit all the above. I have consulted with the diocese as well throughout the last two weeks.

That said, we will begin our regular schedule of confessions this Saturday.

We do not have any word yet on when we will begin to have public Masses. Bishop Burbidge has assembled a team to help him identify when and how we can begin public Masses. Please continue your prayers for our bishop and those helping him in this process that Our Lord grant them wisdom and courage.

God bless