The Perfect Man

In the last few days I have been thinking about St. Joseph and asking him for guidance and protection a bit more than I normally do. Is there a particular virtue of St. Joseph that strikes you? He had many.

The one I often think of is silent strength – which I guess isn’t just one virtue but a combination: humility, faith, self-awareness, confidence and courage. So, I guess I kind of blew up that question up above?! O well, there it is.

Joseph was a poor carpenter, yet he is betrothed to Mary. Silent strength to provide for her.

Joseph was told by the Archangel not to fear to take Mary into his home after she conceives the Messiah. Silent strength to follow God’s plan.

Joseph was told by the Archangel to take Jesus and Mary to Egypt so Herod could not kill the Baby Jesus. Silent strength to cross the desert where only criminals and wild animals lived. Silent strength that he would defend – and even die – for Jesus and Mary.

Joseph left all his carpentry materials behind when he went to Egypt. Silent strength to start over in a new country.

Joseph had to provide a home for Jesus and Mary in Egypt. Silent strength.

Joseph obeyed the Archangel to return to Nazareth and begin again: in his carpentry and in providing a home for Jesus and Mary.

Throughout the entire Gospel passages that involve Joseph, not one word of his is recorded! Yet, we see in him great virtue; great strength.

St. Joseph, pray for us!