Homily for Palm Sunday (OF 03/28/21)

“….The question is for us, who am I going to be able to identify with this week, Peter, James and John, Simon the Cyrenian, Judas, the Blessed Mother… each day ponder on what Our Lord went through the suffering of the week, ponder on all the different characters, pick one…”

Gospel: Mark 14:1-15:47

144 Envelopes

The Holy Trinity Youth Ministries (HTYM) alms boards have been up in the Narthex, and we are humbling requesting your support, at least in prayer. We would also like to know how we can pray for you, too, and you can include those prayer intentions if would like to return an envelope.

So please consider supporting all HTYM with prayers and possibly more by taking an envelope, including a prayer card of a young saint. Thank you!

ACTION: Equality Act is Dangerous and Misguided

Tell your Senators to Oppose the Equality Act!


  • Men in women-only safe spaces and sports
  • Every parents’ rights at risk
  • Religious liberty denied 
  • Gender identity over biology 
  • Even pro-life doctors coerced to do abortions
  • No conscious protection

The Equality Act is deceptively named and dangerous legislation.

A vote is expected very soon in the Senate, so please contact your Senators immediately!

Join Catholics across America Monday at 8PM:

Tune in for a nationwide webinar to learn more about the Equality Act and its repercussions for families, faith, and freedom. The evening will be facilitated by Ryan T. Anderson. Hear presentations from experts including Mary Hasson, Susan Muskett, and Gregory Baylor.

This free webinar will leave you equipped to take action. Register today: https://bit.ly/3eQDhEH