Family Faith Formation: Welcome Home!

For Children Age 7 Or Younger:

If you have a child who has NOT been baptized and is age 7 or younger, please contact the parish office at 703-753-6700 and get signed up for a Baptismal Class.

After Father sees a prolonged commitment to the practice of your Faith (at least 3 months of Mass attendance) your child can be scheduled for the Sacrament of Baptism. 

In the meantime, this child, if at least 5.5 years old, can begin faith formation classes (even if awaiting baptism) by registering for the Family Faith Formation classes at Holy Trinity. Use this registration form to get started. 

For Children Age 8 Or Older:

If you have a child who has NOT been baptized and is age 8 or over, please use this registration form to sign up for our RCIC/RCIT classes.

RCIC/RCIT classes:

  • Are on Monday evenings 7:00-8:30pm.
  • Require the parent to attend adult classes at the same time. Even if you are a fully initiated adult, you must attend these classes while your child is attending his/her class.
  • Adult classes are free.
  • Child classes are $90/child.
  • These classes are the FIRST year of sacramental preparation for the children. 
  • Your child will be baptized and receive FHC and Confirmation after 2 consecutive years of formation.
Contact the Family Faith Formation Team

Margi Loesel, Director of Religious Education

Lourdes Highfill, Faith Formation Assistant (Spanish Speaking)

Mary Beth Balint, Faith Formation Assistant