Archbishop Sheen on the Future

In every parish there are those who give of their time and talents for Our Lord and His people in a hidden way. Our Samaritans help those in temporal need – i.e. utilities, rent, medicine, etc. In the twenty years of our parish’s existence, this group has helped many, many people in our area. For over ten years, Mike and Margaret Eggleston have coordinated the Samaritans. They will be stepping down from their responsibilities. We thank them for their dedication to Our Lord and His people in need!

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911 – 20th Anniversary

Before I get into the column every Catholic adult should know that our Prince William County School Board will be meeting 9/15 discuss the use/implementation of Critical Race Theory in public schools. Critical Race Theory, as we have explained in past bulletins, is nothing more than Marxism/Communism dressed up. It creates a conflict so that its supporters can bring about their desired goal – usually power. Please consider attending the meeting and speaking. A school board is an elected body which is supposed to do what is best for children.

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Summary of Bishop Burbidge’s letter on Human Dignity

Our Bishop released an eight-page letter on human dignity and gender identity which reaffirms clearly the Church’s teaching on each person’s dignity and gender as created by God.  The following is a brief summary.  That said, every Catholic should read and ponder the Bishop’s words so as to bring truth of every person’s dignity to the public square, including and especially education.

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Scrupulosity to Love, Fr. Basil Maturin: Spiritual Guidelines for Souls Seeking God

“It does indeed produce an entire change in the whole conception of the Christian life when one passes from under the law of prohibitions to live under the benign influences of the law of the Beatitudes.

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