Homily for Easter Vigil (OF 04/03/21)

“….And our new Catholics in a few minutes here that will be baptized, confirmed in the Faith and received into the Church, we pray for you, that you may be shining lights, that you don’t put a bush or basket over your light but your peace and joy shines before men, as Our Lord says …”

Gospel: Mark 16:1-7

Homily for Palm Sunday (OF 03/28/21)

“….The question is for us, who am I going to be able to identify with this week, Peter, James and John, Simon the Cyrenian, Judas, the Blessed Mother… each day ponder on what Our Lord went through the suffering of the week, ponder on all the different characters, pick one…”

Gospel: Mark 14:1-15:47

Equality Act 2021

The House of Representatives recently passed Bill #5 of 2021.  It is deceivingly named, Equality Act of 2021.  It is anything but.  It will now go to the Senate to be voted on.  We had better get everyone we have ever come in contact with to storm the Senate with phone calls, phone calls and more phone calls!  Other means of communication cannot hurt.

When you have a moment take a look at the Eleven Myths of the Equality Act of 2021

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Homily for the 2nd Sunday in Lent (OF 02/28/21)

“….Our Lord is our merciful and loving Father, and when we go to Mass, for His Mercy and Forgiveness, this is what He is saying ‘you are my beloved son/daughter in whom I’m well pleased’…That phrase right there, should hit everyone of us, there should be something different about us, for our parishioners here at Holy Trinity, because we see it every time we come in to church…”

Gospel: Mark 9:2-10 “This is my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”

Fr. Walter Ciszek on Total Self Abandonment

Fr. Walter Ciszek was ordained a Catholic priest in 1937.  Born in Pennsylvania to Polish immigrants, he was sent to eastern Poland as a missionary.  Just two years later, the Soviet Union invaded eastern Poland.  Fr. Ciszek followed the train of Poles into the Soviet Union.  He functioned clandestinely as a priest until his arrest in 1941.  Under torture he signed a confession that he was a Vatican spy.  He would spend five years in the infamous Lubyanka prison, mostly in isolation, as well as fifteen additional years in hard labor – shoveling coal onto ships, working in mines, etc.  He has written two books of his experiences: With God in Russia and He Leadeth Me.

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