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Revolution and Education

How does a revolution occur?  What is a revolution?!  Deus Vult was the rallying cry of Catholic crusaders in the 1200s.  It means God Wills It!  Re-volt then is a turning away from someone, some power, etc. Most of us have studied in our basic high school history classes about the bloody, violent revolutions in … Continue reading “Revolution and Education”

Homily for the 16th Sunday after Pentecost (EF 9/20)

“….One day at a time, so we can love, that’s how Our Lord is going to change this world, is by Catholics who are in love with Him, spend time with Him, and are humble and think first of Him and then of other and then think of themselves last…the human heart is made for love….”

Fraternal Correction Points by Fr. Herbert F. Smith, S.J.

Unless you are a model correction taker, be slow to give it. Correct like a friend and fellow sinner, not like an enemy. Knowing how you resent unjust correction, never inflict it. Harping on past faults is not correction but condemnation. Know that love wins over better than an army of accusations. Get help to … Continue reading “Fraternal Correction Points by Fr. Herbert F. Smith, S.J.”

Homily for the 15th Sunday After Pentecost (EF 9/13)

“…May all of us work to elect leaders who will defend the right to life from the moment of conception and strive to protect the dignity and innocence of our children from the wickedness of such organizations, so to fulfill what Paul said today “Let us do good to all men, especially to those of the household of faith…”

St Gregory the Great

September 3rd is the feast of St. Gregory the Great who was pope from 590-604. During his reign as pope, he endured a plague in Rome. In bringing about an end to the plague he processed through Rome with the image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. At the conclusion of the procession, he saw … Continue reading “St Gregory the Great”


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