Our Adoration Chapel

“Can you come and spend one hour with our Lord?”
(cf. Matthew 26:38-40)

Holy Trinity offers Perpetual Adoration (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) in the Adoration Chapel. Jesus is here, always. Swipe- or scroll-down to find the hours of greatest need.

For those new to Holy Trinity, you can find that Chapel on the front, left hand side of the building, as you look at the big three main doors- the Chapel can be accessed through the small door far to the left (near Limestone Drive) at all hours.

If you are coming after hours, the church building is locked late at night and into the early morning hours. If the Chapel door is locked, simply ring the doorbell and an adorer will come out to let you in.

We need your help! Currently, the hours of greatest are as follows:

1 am- 5 am; 7-9 am; 11am-5pm.

1-3 am; 9-10 pm.

Midnight-3 am; 11am-noon; 10 pm-midnight.

3-5 am.

Midnight-6 am; noon-1pm; 2-3 pm.

Midnight-5am; 7-9am; 10am-5pm; 6-9pm; 11pm-midnight.

1-6am; 8-10am; 11am-2pm; 3-7pm; 8-9pm; 11pm-midnight.

To ask questions, or to sign-up for a regular hour in the Adoration Chapel, please contact Pete, our parish’s Adoration Coordinator, by completing this form: