Contact Our Staff

For anointing of the sick and dying,
or for other Sacramental emergencies, please call:

703-753-6700, then press 1

Holy Trinity’s Parish Office is open to the public,
Monday through Friday,
from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm.

>> We are located at: 8213 Linton Hall Road, Gainesville, VA 20155

Email is the best way to reach our staff. To do that, you can tap or click on a block for more info, and then you can also send an email through a contact form:

Christian Kleb

703-753-6700 ext. 120
General Inquiries, Baptisms, Parish Email

Margi Loesel,
Director of Religious Education

703-753-6700 ext. 116

Nick Passero,
Director of Adult Faith Formation

703-753-6700 ext. 112

Trevor Rowland,
Director of Liturgical Music (and Funerals)

703-753-6700 ext. 109

Paul Sledz,
Business Manager

703-753-6700 ext. 113

Paulina Albizures,
Administrative Assistant

703-753-6700 ext. 121
RCIA, Marriage Preparation, Weddings

Lourdes Highfill,
Religious Education Assistant

703-753-6700 ext. 115

Paul C. Bevins,
Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries

703-753-6700 ext. 117

Charlie Chalkley,
Youth Missionary

703-753-6700 ext. 124